Viral news 18 TikTok Beauty Hacks That Are A Little Bit Weird But A Lot Brilliant

Viral news 18 TikTok Beauty Hacks That Are A Little Bit Weird But A Lot Brilliant

Viral news

Viral news


Get fuller lips by swiping lipstick OVER your cupid’s bow and blurring over it.

Gone are the days of drawing outside of the lines for fuller looking lips.

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Cut the dirty part of your beauty sponge off when it starts getting too dingy to use.

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Use lash glue to stiffen up your eyebrow brush and create a more pointed tip for a very clean line.

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Mix lip balm with eyeshadow to create a matching eye/lip look.

You might prefer NOT to dip your lip balm directly into your eyeshadow pans, but to each their own.

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Get glowy skin the natural way by filling up a Miniso facial steamer with rosewater, toner, and tea tree oil.

You can get a similar portable facial steamer from Amazon for $11.99.

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Use an eyebrow pencil (!!!) to create an upturn on the corners of your lips.

I would end up looking like the Joker probs, but it looks great on this girl.

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I learned like, three whole tips from this video. 1) Use blush after bronzer 2) Hold your brush at the end, not at the middle 3) Blot with a sponge if you applied too much.

Can’t wait to try holding my brush that way and feeling like a true artiste.

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Color me slightly skeptical, but this TikToker advocates using mascara instead of eyeliner because it’s thicker and darker.

But still feel like it’s worth trying in this lifetime.

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Get more life out of your falsies by soaking them in micellar water — it’ll make the lash glue super easy to remove with tweezers.

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I’ve seen multiple TikToks espousing göt2b Spiking Glue (a hair product) as a more effective and cheaper brow gel.

A big ol’ tube of Spiking Glue is $3.55 from Amazon — literal chump change when you compare it to the minuscule amount of product you get in a tube of brow gel.

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For anyone who needs all the liquid eyeliner help they can get (🙋), here’s a new technique you may not have seen before.

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Use a plastic dental flosser to pop off acrylic nails.

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File this contouring tip under “why has no one told me this before.”

Instead of drawing on harsh lines with a contouring stick (so Instagram circa 2018) use a brush.

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Watch this girl masterfully apply liquid eyeliner in one stroke, by utilizing the full tip.

It’s like calligraphy porn.

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There are so many tutorials about mastering the cut crease, but this one is simple and helpful.

It involves applying concealer to your lid and looking up *just so*

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Apparently, you should brush the dry shampoo out of your hair before bed because it could cause hair loss and dandruff.

Not sure I buy it but seems like a fairly innocuous nighttime beauty routine habit.

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Use concealer/foundation like you would an eyelash primer for thicker lashes.

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This Highly Specific Beauty Hack™ involves wrapping a jar in a makeup wipe to clean off your eyeshadow palettes.

Sometimes very specific problems deserve highly creative solutions.