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New Metroid Dread Trailer Released, More Info To Come On August 27 – GameSpot

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Metroid Dread. The trailer released alongside Metroid Dread Report Vol. 5, which details what abilities Samus will have at her disposal in the upcoming game, while also teasing that another report and trailer are on the way.

“[The next report will shed] light on new mysteries revealed in an upcoming game trailer,” Nintendo writes in the video’s description on YouTube. “Please look forward to it on August 27.”

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Now Playing: Metroid Dread – “Another Glimpse Of Dread” Gameplay Trailer

In the latest trailer, we see Samus flying towards her next mission, learning that she’s being sent as the backup solution to dealing with the last of the X parasites, the villains of Metroid Fusion. Surprisingly, we also get a bit of voice acting here–outside of the Metroid Prime trilogy and Metroid: Other M, the Metroid series relies on written text to deliver dialogue.

The second half of the trailer seems to take place sometime much later. Samus has replaced her standard Varia suit for the light blue one that she’ll seemingly wear for most of Metroid Dread.

In July, Nintendo revealed that this new suit is, in fact, the blue suit that Samus wears in Metroid Fusion. “In Metroid Dread, Samus’s suit appears to have changed quite a bit from her previous missions,” Nintendo writes. “This is the result of the organic suit from Metroid Fusion–which was greatly transformed following the attack by the X parasitic lifeform and the injection of the Metroid vaccine–gradually returning to its original, mechanical Power Suit form.”

Metroid Dread is scheduled to launch for Switch on October 8.

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