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Netflix announces little-known comedy series Seinfeld will be available to stream on October 1 – The A.V. Club

Seinfeld in Seinfeld

Seinfeld in Seinfeld
Screenshot: Netflix/NBC

Have you heard of some show named Seinfeld? Netflix sent us a press release for its upcoming series, but it says it’s made by some guy who only wrote for one season of SNL, so we’re a little skeptical. The plot doesn’t seem to be about anything. Just some unknown comic doing everyday things? Who wants to watch that?

Here’s what Netflix says about it:

Netflix will launch 180 episodes of a situational comedy called Seinfeld, created by rising New York comedian Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, who wrote for Saturday Night Live for a single season.

The show completed production in May (of 1998) and is slated for release on the Netflix platform in its entirety on October 1, 2021.

Bookended by Seinfeld’s stand-up material, the 180 episodes of the sitcom explore the minutiae of the comic’s everyday life as he navigates his relationships with a talented ensemble cast, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Troll, Family Ties), Michael Richards (UHF, Fridays) and Jason Alexander (Pretty Woman).

Hey, at least Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos really believes in this show. In the press release he says, “This is the first time we’ve taken a risk of this nature, going all in on 9 seasons at the jump. But Jerry has created something special with this sitcom that nobody has ever done. I truly think he and Mr. David have enormous futures ahead of them and I’m thrilled Netflix could be the home for them to grow their fanbases.”

So, any brave viewers out there or…?

Okay, but really, Seinfeld’s move to Netflix has been in the works for a while. Netflix acquired the show’s global streaming rights back in 2019 for the hefty sum of $500 million. The show left Hulu in June, leaving us with a three-month Seinfeld streaming drought. We couldn’t have a summer of George, so we’ll settle for a fall of George.

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