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Hurricane Ida live updates: first death in Louisiana as New Orleans loses power – The Guardian

Out of desperation, Owens went to ACE Cash Express on Saturday and submitted documents for a payday loan. He was denied, after being told he didn’t have enough credit history. By Sunday, it was clear they would be riding out the storm at home in his family’s duplex apartment.
“Our bank account is empty – we can’t afford to leave,” he said.
Owens said the majority of people in his low-income neighborhood are in the same predicament. They want to leave to protect families, but have no choice but to stay.
“A lot of us here in my neighborhood have to just hunker down and wait, not knowing how bad it’s going to get. It’s a terrifying feeling,” he said.
“There people who have funds to lean on are able to get out of here, but there’s a big chunk of people that are lower-income that don’t have a savings account to fall on,” he continued. “We’re left behind.”

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