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Google’s Pixel 6 could be updated for longer than the Fairphone 4

Google could offer up to 4 major Android updates and 5 years of security patches on its upcoming flagship, the Pixel 6. If this rumor is true, the Pixel 6 would once again become the Android smartphone with the best update policy.


  • Rumors suggest that the Pixel 6 will get 5 years of security patches.
  • It is also speculated that it will also receive 4 versions of Android.

Wait… wait… No Apple fan to come screaming in our ears that iPhones are updated for at least 5 years. Let’s start again.

The Pixel 6 is scheduled to launch on October 19. And if we already know almost everything about the next flagship of Google in terms of hardware, it is now the software that is the subject of leaks and other rumors. The latest, and one of the most credible, is that the Pixel 6 will receive 4 versions of Android and 5 years of security patches.

This leak comes from the very serious account “snoopytech” (wait, what?). This leaker has been quite active for several months and has been right on target more than once, especially for leaks around the Samsung Galaxy A52s. If this leak is true, the Google Pixel 6 would be kept updated until 2027 and would receive Android 16.

That’s an even more extensive update policy than the Fairphone 4, which is currently limited to Android 15 (though Fairphone’s eventual goal is also software maintenance until 2027).

google pixel 6 update policy rummor twitter
I also think NextPit is too serious a name / © Screenshot @_snoopytech_ via Twitter

A logical evolution

Historically, Google’s Pixels had the most extensive update policy. They were updated longer and especially received security patches more frequently and for longer. This is quite logical for Google smartphones running on a Google OS.

But for a year, Samsung, which was already among the best students in terms of Android updates, has raised the bar by announcing up to 4 major updates on several smartphones launched after 2019 and not only flagships. A more extensive update policy than the Pixels, which are still limited to 3 years of updates today (but receive security patches more frequently too).

Following Samsung’s lead, most of the other Android manufacturers have also agreed to extra efforts in terms of software maintenance. Oppo too, has announced up to 4 years of updates for some ranges and even Xiaomi, whose update policy is surely the most opaque, has made a firm commitment this year to offer 3 years of updates and 4 years of patches on its Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro.

And if not, did you know that even the iPhone 6s has received the update to iOS 15?

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