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Free apps for Android & iOS: These Pro versions are currently free

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Free apps for Android & iOS: These Pro versions are currently free

We’ve put together another jam-packed package for the NextPit community. Inside are premium apps and games for Android and iOS that are free for a limited time only.

You know the drill: We offer a list of free downloads twice a week. Of course, we don’t mean the kind of free apps and mobile games that are available for free at any time. We’re focusing on premium apps that can only be downloaded for free for a few days.

But time is running out, because we often don’t know exactly when the apps will cease to be free. We already shared how you can discover such offers in his “How to find free apps without being scammed” guide last week. However, we’d also appreciate it if you could let us know about such deals in the NextPit community.

Tip: If you find an interesting app in the list below, but don’t want to use the app or game right now, install it anyway, before uninstalling it from your device. That way, it will be included in your library, and you can install it for free in the future when you need it.

Free Android apps and games

Free apps for Android

  • Nav Aid Pro ($0.99): Are you thinking about a career as a pilot? If so, you might find this app useful for learning how to use navigation instruments.
  • Weather App Pro ($3.99): This well-rated (4.6 stars) app tells you what the weather will be like today or tomorrow, also makes 7-day forecasts, and you can, of course, place it as a widget on your homescreen.
  • Speedometer GPS Pro ($0.99): We’ve recommended this speedometer (also suitable for biking) to you several times here. But beware: The app obviously eats up a lot of battery!
  • QR- and Barcode-Scanner Pro ($1.99) [Ends Wednesday]: Very good (4.8 stars) rated scanner for QR codes and barcodes. Here in the ad-free Pro version.
  • Bookmark Manager ($0.99) [Ends Wednesday]: Bookmark managers like this one not only bring order into your favorite’s collection, but can also be used independently of the browser.

Free games for Android

  • Cytus II ($1.99): Do you have rhythm in your blood? Then this music game might be for you, merging the real and the internet world. The game comes from the same team that developed Deemo.
  • Terra Fighter 2 Pro ($0.99): If you’re up for a brawling game, this is the one for you. This 3D fighting game offers you a history and a duel mode.
  • A-2481 ($0.99): In a secret Russian bunker, experiments are being done to control people’s brains from a distance. You are a journalist for a small village newspaper and want to shed some light on the matter.
  • Infinite Flight ($0.99): This flight simulator lets you fly dozens of large commercial airliners but also military aircraft. Keep in mind that some models can only be unlocked within a paid subscription.
  • Car Racing Challenge – Climb Car Racing ($0.99): This colorful and fun racer will have you trying to outrun your opponents as you climb a peak.
  • Deemo – Reborn ($1.99): Another music game from Rayark that’s currently available for free and is kinda reminiscent of Guitar Hero’s gameplay.
  • 2048 ($3.99): Every smartphone should have a version of this casual game classic. If you don’t own one, here’s your chance.
  • Dungeons and Pixel Heroes ($1.99): The title gives away everything it’s about – you run through dungeons with pixelated heroes! There, of course, you’ll have to find weapons, treasures and whatever else you can find, while fighting off your enemies.
  • Soul Warrior Premium: Sword and Magic ($0.99): Once again, this action adventure pits you against evil, and you’ll choose between a female and a male hero – both with cuddly anime visuals.
  • Live or Die: Survival Pro ($0.99): Finally, another zombie game, huh? A virus has turned almost all of humanity into zombies, and guesses who has to fight these scoundrels…
  • Everybody’s RPG ($0.99): This RPG is once again about competing against players from all over the world while constantly improving your hero’s team.
  • Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting ($0.99): Horizontal scrolling offline RPG where you use your Shadow Blade to scythe down enemies.

Free Apps and Games for iOS

Free Apps for iOS

  • One Sec – Take a Deep Breath ($1.99): This mindfulness app wants to encourage you to take a deep breath – and interestingly enough, does it every time you open an app like YouTube or Instagram on your phone.
  • Face/Face Photo Similarity App($1.99): This is a slightly different photo app idea: The app compares photos you select, it recognizes the faces – and then you can take two different faces and determine how similar they are.
  • Flowing ($2.99): This app with high-quality nature sounds is aimed at those who need the perfect background music for meditation, or just want to fall asleep to soft sounds.
  • AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE ($2.99): This app lets you create your own add-ons for Minecraft. In no time you can create weapons, custom blocks and much more and import it into your game.
  • Stress Relief Relax Meditation ($3.99): And once again, the theme of mindfulness! This app also wants to help you against stress and anxiety disorders, supports you in meditating and falling asleep.
  • Blur Background ($0.99): In a matter of seconds, you can blur backgrounds in five stages here, or even completely crop objects.
  • Starship Earth ($1.99): Exciting app that lets you travel through our solar system. You can let planets whiz by, change the angle of view, zoom in to your location on earth and also see how fast the earth is moving.
  • PhotoPhix ($0.99): Once again, a photo app that gives you tons of options at your fingertips. In addition to filters, stickers and masks, you can also create collages from up to 100 pictures.
  • Story Saver for Instagram ($4.99): This comprehensive app lets you save stories, reels, creates widgets, offers a picture-in-picture feature, and more.
  • Big Clock ($0.99): This app conjures a clock widget on your screen. If you want, it can even be so big that it covers the entire screen.
  • Trump Stickers and Trumpmoji ($0.99): Want something really silly? Then get over 200 stickers and “Trumpmojis” for your instant messenger. Seriously, before you download this nonsense, make your own stickers.
  • Add Watermarks on Photos, Videos ($0.99) (paid app in selected countries): This self-explanatory app adds watermarks and logos to pictures and videos.
  • Lock Notes Pro ($3.99): Hides your notes using passwords or your device’s biometrics (Touch ID/Face ID).
  • Camma ($0.99): Very cool idea: you take a photo of an object with the app and then make a note about it directly: Who the gift is from, what ingredient goes into the photographed recipe – there are many situations where it will come in handy!
  • LocalCast for Chromecast ($7.99): Still free for now! This app streams media from your iOS device, Google Drive, or NAS to Chromecast, AppleTV, and even your smart TV if you want.

Free Games for iOS

  • Infinite Flight Simulator ($0.99): This flight simulator is also available for iOS for free right now. And you wouldn’t seriously want to miss out on the 167th-ranked racing game in the AppStore, would you?
  • Lindabu ($5.99): You want to aim for a YouTube or Influencer career, but don’t dare yet? Then simulate the fun with this game, in which you have to create your own vlog.
  • Elloveo ($4.99): This science game is aimed at both kids and adults and aims to teach you about electricity and magnetism in a fun way. Worth a try, isn’t it?
  • Tank Battle – Mini War ($4.99): This classic tank game, based on the 1985 game “Battle City”, has already been suggested to you several times.
  • Hanna & Henri – The Party ($2.99): This game is an interactive children’s book where kids can have several adventures on their way to the birthday party.
  • Cytus II ($1.99): If you like the gameplay of Deemo, here’s another game from the makers with a focus on music and a sense of rhythm.
  • Empty School Simulator ($5.49): In this game, you’re all alone in a school. What a relief in contrast to countless completely overcrowded multiplayer games, right?
  • Deemo ($1.99): This music game is ranked #8 in the App Store category, after all. In the game, you help a girl who has fallen from the sky and lost her memory. Solve musical tasks to bring her back home.
  • Dream a little dream ($0.99): This game takes you to a world of dreams. The trip through the clouds is wonderfully relaxing and is accompanied by a great soundtrack as you enjoy retro graphics in bright cotton candy colors.
  • Pixel Push Football ($1.99): We’re sticking with the pixelated retro-style graphics theme, and in this case, it’s a cleverly designed football game.
  • Block Run World ($0.99): Run through the neighborhood and avoid obstacles. You can do that with this game not only on the iPhone, but also on the Apple Watch!
  • Cubes – Brain Teaser ($3.49): Cubes is one of those puzzle games that is easy to learn and instantly addictive. Don’t ask me how I know that.

And that’s it for this Tuesday, be sure to stay tuned here on NextPit as we’ll keep you posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram whenever we write about more free apps. If you find links in the article to apps that are already paid again, please let us know in the comments. See you next time!

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