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Evictee doesnt want Kyland, Big D representing this season – globaltv – Global

By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Hannah Chaddha, the 21-year-old grad student from Illinois, is not a fan of Derek or Kyland and isn’t afraid to say so. Sitting in the jury house after last night’s double eviction she hopes one of them walks through the door to join her this week.

Of all the Cookout members Hannah thinks Kyland was the most selfish and there were times when he didn’t really have their best interest in mind.

“I’d have to say I hope that either Kyland or Big D follows me into jury house just because Kyland acted out of self-interest a lot more than the rest of the Cookout did so that did make me question where his head was at a lot of times in this game. He also made decisions that made him the biggest target in the house and the Cookout had to work to overcompensate for that. Plus, Kyland could just be like unnecessarily rude and mean and disrespectful and demeaning towards people when he didn’t have to be,” she said.

Hannah Chaddah

As for Big D, she questions his devotion to the game and competition that is Big Brother.

“Big D, I don’t think that he actually loves and respects the game of Big Brother. I would like to see either Kyland or Big D follow me into jury. I personally don’t want either of them representing this season,” she said.

The Cookout as a whole has called the shots this season, towering above all the other players and many of the most successful Big Brother alliances in the past. Mission aside, Hannah understands that some viewers and fans may have found their unwavering command and control of the entire season to be far too predictable.

“I get it. I’m a huge fan of the show and I personally hate watching dominant alliances steamroll their way to the end but this was definitely a unique alliance. We weren’t playing for ourselves. We were truly playing for the collective because we believed in the mission and that mission was ensuring that this season would crowned its very first black winner in Big Brother US history. So, to the critics of the way that the Cookout played the game, sorry, but the master plan was brilliant. We did exactly what we came to do. I’m proud of that and I don’t really see how you could criticize such monumental history being made in the Big Brother franchise,” she said.

Looking back at her game, Hannah doesn’t have any qualms about not playing a more individual game or making decisions that in the end may have cost her the $750,000 grand prize.

“I don’t have any regrets in terms of my loyalty and commitment to the mission of the Cookout. As soon as I walked into the house and saw them I knew what it had to be. They were my number one. They were my priority from the jump, even though I wasn’t officially added to the Alliance until a couple weeks later. They felt the need to protect me and I felt the need to protect them. That’s always what it was. It went beyond the game and so I’m not gonna sit here and be like…If I would have just, been selfish and abandoned them then I could have made it to the end…because I think I would have compromised my integrity at that point. I wasn’t willing to do that. So no, no regrets,” she said emphatically.

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